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This is a tumblr devoted to featuring women in rock music. Each post will feature a band or singer that has at least one woman in it. These bands will fall under a wide variety of subgenres but all under the category of rock. Each post will have a picture, a link to the artist’s offical website, and their page
Please submit!



Mike Wazowski joins the Avengers.


jillybeanz4life said: Hey wassup, just trying to keep the buzz going and keep you in the loop. Neonfaith is an indie electronic band from NYC who has debuted their first EP earlier this year and is now back with their new single Between The Lines! You can hear it on my page. If you like what you hear, the best way to support is to like them on Facebook and follow on twitter. Help us spread the word and keep indie music alive <3

So sorry. I completely missed this message. They have been added to the queue. 

tatmeowslany said: have you heard of the tuts? they're a brilliant little punk band from england. they consist out of harriet, bev and nadia and they're super lovely and talented. <3 also, colour me wednesday. (harriet's other band) other favourites are love, robot (female fronted), pvris (female fronted), sleeper agent (female fronted) and now, now which consists out of two girls and a guy. i couldn't find any of these in the tags. props for this blog, btw! it's absolutely perfect.

Glad you enjoy the blog! All have been added. 

eddiextehxgrogxnozzler said: dig yer blog quite a bit. I've an affinity towards female vocalists, and your blog helps me discover new artists =) keep doin' what yer doin'!

I’m so glad! Thank you! 

tatmeowslany said: OH also this band called echosmith! they're an indie band and they're still super young. their lead vocalist is only 17 and has a gorgeous voice. they're female fronted and have released their first record a while ago, with an acoustic ep that came out last week!

This is the second submission for Echosmith I’ve gotten. They have been added.